WAVE™ is an affordable, world-class, full-featured Warehouse and Transportation Management System. WAVE is highly adaptable and scalable solution designed to meet the needs of today’s rapid changing business environment.

Inventory Control

Having accurate inventory across your entire supply chain is essential to managing your business. WAVE accurately maintains inventory levels at every location and communicates inventory status with your other systems on a real-time basis, giving you the transparency across applications in real time and enabling you to increase efficiency and profitability.

WAVE automatically identifies anomalies with inventory levels and inventory movements, and can creates tasks to proactively address potential problems. The user is guided to the probable defective inventory locations so the problem can be resolved before compounding has a chance to take effect.

WAVE also provides traditional Cycle-Counting methods like Ranking Method (ABC, 80-20), Low-inventory-level triggered counts, Manager initiated counts, and Block Counts (Geographic or SKU-based). Through these various methods, cycle counting can be kept to a minimum while still meeting the business rules necessary to prevent expensive annual physical counts.

WAVE does, however, fully support comprehensive Physical Count functionality - should you need to do one for any reason. WAVE’s Physical Inventory functionality provides the ability to break the warehouse into manageable groups, freeze and unfreeze location groups, perform independent or parallel counting, and reconcile variances prior to booking the changes to your financial system.

Additionally, WAVE provides easy methods of locking and unlocking inventory by location or SKU and any combination of inventory attributes like manufacturer, country of origin, batch number, lot number, manufacturing date, expiration date, and date received, to name a few. If the inventory needs to be pulled from the shelves, WAVE guides the user to each location using a handheld RF device, eliminating paperwork and potential mistakes. All this, while maintaining accurate inventory levels at each location in real time.

Finally, WAVE records the user, action, function and time of every single inventory movement from receipt through shipping; making every user accountable for their day-to-day actions.

Receiving & Putaway

Having the ability to bring inventory into your warehouse quickly and accurately is crucial to being able to sell it to your customers. Advanced Shipping Notices (ASN) can automatically be downloaded from the Carrier’s System, your ERP, or Purchasing System. It can manually be entered prior to shipment receipt. WAVE offers several options to receive inventory at the item or case-level, and ensures receiving accuracy by reconciling the received SKUs and quantities against what was expected on the ASN. WAVE allows you to receive through blind receipt and receive returns with or without an RMA (Returns Authorization number).

WAVE maximizes warehouse space utilization and ensures that every item is kept in the appropriate type of location. Also, WAVE’s intelligent putaway algorithms ensure that the forward pick locations are not overlooked during putaway, in order to expedite fulfillment time and eliminate double-handling of inventory. During putaway, WAVE finds the best location for the product and guides the user step-by-step through the putaway process. WAVE automatically detects any abnormalities in inventory levels or user actions and triggers a corrective action task, locks a location, or sends an email to inventory control personnel - all without user intervention.

Order Fulfillment

Fulfillment speed and flexibility are critical to success in today’s business environment. WAVE allows for automated or manual cubing and packing of orders, which can be utilized as needed to meet customer or business requirements. WAVE’s advanced cubing algorithms ensure that the product will be packed as efficiently as possible, in order to minimize shipping and operational costs.

WAVE’s rule-based fulfillment configuration allows you to deploy your operational philosophy. It allows you to fine tune business rules on the fly. WAVE can be configured to fulfill orders from any type of location from forward-pick through multiple-pallet locations.

With WAVE, it’s easy to accurately meet your customers’ routing guide requirements. You can store your complete customer’s routing guide in WAVE and let WAVE automatically select the carrier and service every time based on the routing guide and does all necessary works. This process alone saves you a lot of charge-backs.

WAVE dramatically lowers the costs associated with picking inventory to fulfill orders. Through completely paperless picking, WAVE can guide your pickers in best-path picking sequence, providing all information through a wireless handheld device. It can also dynamically select an alternate location, trigger replenishment, and notify inventory personnel if the picker does not find the inventory in the specified location. Packing into the final outbound shipping carton can be configured to be completed during picking or at a separate packing station.


Determining the frequencies and quantities with which to replenish forward picking locations is a major undertaking in the distribution business. With WAVE’s Continuous Replenishment Process, a facility can operate with reduced inventory level, dramatically reducing inventory carrying costs. WAVE continuously monitors the inventory level at each location and creates the replenishment directives before any picking demand is generated. This prevents the far-too common problem of having pickers arrive at a location ahead of the necessary replenishment.

To reduce replenishment lead-times, WAVE guides your replenishment team through the best pull-and-fill replenishment sequence. To increase replenishment efficiency, WAVE handles multiple-level replenishment and allows forward picking locations to be replenished in groups. By removing false stock-outs from your operation, you will experience dramatic improvements in whole-facility productivity.

Accessibility & Usability

The use of wireless technology to perform inventory transactions in inquiries on a real-time basis is a key to employee efficiency and decreasing safety stock requirements. WAVE allows your staff to receive, putaway, pick, pack, manifest and ship all using functionally rich options that were designed to be used on the smaller screens of an RF device. You can access WAVE in many different ways, including RF handheld devices, PDA, Pocket PC, iPhone, Browsers, and traditional 5250 (Green Screen) Terminals. WAVE was built combining the power of IBM iSeries and the user-friendliness web browsers.

WAVE can be integrated seamlessly with any other systems regardless of their hardware and software platform. It has built-in adapters to communicate with other systems using any industry standard protocol. Moreover, WAVE is 100% RFID compliant, so you’ll be ready when your customers begin demanding RFID readiness.

Learning to use WAVE is very simple and easy. WAVE always guides users through their process and provides all pertinent information on their current screen, even on RF handheld devices. WAVE’s configuration wizard will guide you through configuring your warehouse layout and business rules, no matter how complex they might be. Average training times for administrators and managers is about 5 days and just 1 – 2 days for floor-users.


WAVE™–Connect allows our WMS and TMS solutions to connect with any other application seamlessly. WAVE-Connect supports all industry standard protocols and provides a simple user interface non-developers can easily interpret.

WAVE™–Connect provides an integrated interface to send and receive Order and ASN data to the appropriate systems. It allows you to keep the item master and other master files in sync with your other applications 100% of the time. WAVE-Connect virtually gives all means of communicating with other systems both in real time and batch mode. Built-in adapters seamlessly communicate with any type of Material Handling Equipment (MHE), including sorters, diverters, conveyors, Pick-to-Light, and Put-to-Light systems.

Supported protocols

  • FTP
  • TCP/IP
  • UDP/IP
  • HTTP/(S)
  • Socket/(S)
  • XML
  • Data Queue
  • User Queue

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