WAVE is a cost-effective, full-featured, highly adaptable and scalable Transportation Management Solution designed to meet the needs to today’s changing business world.

Transportation Management

The costs associated with manually selecting the right carrier for each shipment can be astronomical for many businesses. WAVE automates the process of selecting a carrier without user intervention, based on the rules that govern your business. WAVE supports customer routing guide, rate shopping, dynamic routing, and many more methods to select the right carrier and service to ship orders to customers at lowest transportation cost.


WAVE automatically links all outbound cartons into a single shipment based on the recipient, with no limitation of how orders were placed. WAVE allows you to transport your delivery order through a simple parcel carrier, LTL carrier, or to very complex carrier systems combining multiple parcel carriers and multiple Truckload and LTL carriers. It also supports the functionality for Cash & Carry, Hand Delivery system. WAVE ensures that trucks are loaded in proper stop sequence by its intelligent algorithms to ensure delivery accuracy and reduce damages.

Rate Shopping

WAVE’s advanced Rate Shopping Engine (RSE) can evaluate numerous criteria in making the right carrier selection. WAVE supports multiple rating mechanisms including by Package, Volume, Weight, Deficit Weight, Hundred-Weight (CWT), Mileage-Based, and Piece-Rate. WAVE applies complex discounts, surcharges, and all common accessorial charges using rule-based logic.

WAVE even supports Dynamic Routing to find out the lowest cost carrier where either carriers bid for the rate or customer choose the carrier based on at that moment factors.

Carrier Support

WAVE can easily be integrated with common Parcel Carrier, and any Truckload or Less Than Truckload (LTL) carrier information systems. Initechs provides you new rate as the Parcel Carrier changes the rate.

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