WAVE Model

WAVE™ Model

WAVE was designed to be implemented extremely quickly, with minimal cost and internal resource requirements. Initechs has simplified the configuration of WAVE by using user-friendly Wizards and Smart-checks. Initechs designed WAVE to be extremely flexible by utilizing flags and intuitive parameter settings to alter the way in which WAVE manages your DC.

Unlike other commercially available WMS options, WAVE is both a full-featured and source-enabled WMS and TMS solution. Initechs built WAVE combining the best technologies available in the market. We combined the power and robustness of the IBM iSeries platform with the user-friendliness of a web-browser interface. Users can access WAVE using numerous methods (concurrently), including: standard web browsers, traditional 5250 green screen, RF Handheld devices, Blackberry, Windows Enabled Phone, and iPhone.

Initechs believes that software is a tool to run your business effectively and efficiently. WAVE’s functionalities are fully based on parameters offering you complete flexibility in managing your Warehouse operations. WAVE™ is architected to allow easy customization with minimal impact on future upgrades. Our solution comes with ample plug-ins and custom hooks to allow for easy customization. This greatly reduces the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), allowing our clients to continually gain the advantages of the newest release, without the burden of expensive customizations.

Open-Source WMS Solutions Full-Featured WMS Solutions WAVE™ Full-Featured, Open-Source WMS
Low Deployment Cost Yes No Yes
Low Cost of Ownership Possibly No Yes
Low Integration Cost No Possibly Yes
Low Annual Cost Ideally Not usually Yes
Fast Implementation Time No Sometimes Yes
Customizable Yes Yes, but expensive Fully
Upgradable No Yes, but expensive (especially with modifications) Yes
Cost of Services N/A Expensive Reasonable
Cost of Support N/A Expensive Reasonable
ROI High, but over great length of time Low, especially if including internal resources and upgrades High, positive ROI is achievable in the 1st year
Payback Period Long Varies, depending on costs that are included Short
Fixed Cost Modifications N/A No Yes
Implementation Time & Cost Guarantee No No Yes
Detailed Logging for Problem Root-Cause Analysis No Possibly Yes
MHE Integration Costly to develop Yes Yes


WAVE was designed and developed by professionals with decades of experience designing, configuring and implementing Warehouse Management Systems. WAVE allows our customers to utilize user-definable rules to perform any action that might be specific to their business, like allocation, putaway, replenishment, routing, and cycle counting.

Initechs’ implementation specialists know to help our clients avoid common pitfalls like scope-creep, gold-plating, and unnecessary modifications. Your WMS will include exactly what you expect it to include, and we’ll do everything it takes to have it live on the day that you expect it to go live.

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