WAVE does not limit or control your business processes, it fulfills your business process needs. WAVE is scalable, configurable and flexible manage your inventory and warehouse business processes. Business requirements vary across industries and across companies, so whatever business challenges you have, WAVE can quickly and easily be configured to cater your needs. WAVE easily handles multiple warehouses, multiple facilities, multiple time zones and multiple languages environments in one database. It keeps track of inventories with every detail throughout the inventory life cycle and even beyond.

Wholesale Distribution

WAVE provides easy-to-use functionality for inventory planning and replenishment, so wholesale distributors can accurately forecast demand, balance inventory costs against fill rates, and fulfill orders more quickly.

Some of the challenges of the wholesale distribution process are managing inventory efficiently and delivering the order accurately within a short lead time while controlling costs. WAVE manages the wholesale distribution processes to match supply and demand quickly and accurately to increase order fill rates. Based on the customer demands, WAVE automates order fulfillment processes gives the distributors real-time visibility and control on the inventories.

WAVE is an end-to-end solution that integrates receiving, stocking, replenishment, order fulfillment, and shipping. By streamlining these key business processes, warehouse managers and staff have access to the same up-to-date inventory information. As a result, distributors can prevent shortfalls and automate re-ordering to proactively anticipate and fulfill customer demands.

WAVE provides real-time inventory visibility and control at a fraction of the costs of traditional software solutions. Designed for quick implementation, WAVE is easy-to-use and enhances employee productivity by eliminating manual, paper-based processes that lead to higher operating costs and inaccurate inventory levels.

Direct to Consumer

WAVE allows Direct to Consumer (DTC) business to manage multi-customer, multi-warehouse environment very efficiently using its rule-based algorithms that can be configured using it a user-friendly configuration wizard. It gives the unit-level inventory accuracy and visibility.

One of the challenges of DTC business is providing the least expensive warehouse and shipping cost, because that has already been determined by the time the sale is made. With WAVE, finding the most cost-effective means to ship your product becomes a breeze. WAVE will price compare any carrier that you have configured, and determine the best carrier based on your criteria (which goes much deeper than just cost). WAVE will print out a compliant label and electronically transmit the shipping information to the carrier and your other systems so that your customers know the carrier and tracking numbers of their shipment.

3PL/Contract Logistics

WAVE allows 3PLs manages multi-customer, multi-warehouse environment very efficiently using its rules based algorithms that can be configured using it a user-friendly configuration wizard. It gives the unit level accuracy and visibility of the inventories to the customer.

The challenges of the 3PLs are to provide high level of customer service and maintaining inventory accuracy and comply with the customers mandates. WAVE maintains accurate inventory and efficiently manages the rule based business processes, and complies with the customer mandates. WAVE also finds the cheapest freight services to provide the on-time shipment and accurate delivery.

WAVE-Connect enables WAVE to communicate with any external systems in real time using any industry standard communication protocols. This gives you the capabilities to collaborate relationships with your customers and their business partners.

As a service provider looking to apply professional management skills that have to be continuously developed and utilized, the Software-as-a-service (SaaS) approach is very attractive and fits your growth curve. WAVE system maintains the IT service level in the same manner that you promise your service to your customers.


WAVE provides everything a hotel or resort need to mange and control inventory in an efficient time and cost saving manner, across multiple facilities and stockrooms.

Demanding customers and increased competition are driving the hospitality industry to gain better flexibility and control of operations. Whether you are managing a hotel, resort, meeting facility, or entertainment site you are challenged by paper based systems and manual processes to view and control your hospitality inventory. Manual administration and redundant data entry prevents hospitality management and staff from utilizing accurate and up-to-date inventory information needed to deliver quality customer care and service.

WAVE eliminates manual inventory control processes by providing a barcode and/or RFID based inventory management system that is easy for all employees to use. Designed to reduce the time it takes to conduct physical inventory counts and identify shrinkage problem areas.

WAVE enables all managers and staff access to the same up-to-date inventory information, giving all employees peace of mind. Equipped with real-time information, hospitality operators can give accurate reports about what inventory is in stock and spend less time troubleshooting and ensuring that everyone has the information they need, when they need it.

Food & Beverage

WAVE helps food service providers and suppliers decrease costs, shortages, and waste by maintaining real-time inventory control of food, beverages, and supplies.

Success in the food service business is about timeliness and quality. Running an efficient food service operation requires tracking fresh ingredients and perishable food inventory. You also need to remain flexible and adaptable to ensure that all recipes and menus are executed and delivered without a glitch.

WAVE gives the complete control for food service operations by eliminating manual data entry, countless paperwork and any guesswork in determining what food is in stock. Designed to enhance stock and material visibility and control, WAVE updates your food inventory levels as order fulfillments are processed. This allows you to remain in control and on time.

Pharmaceutical & Health

WAVE helps healthcare institutions simplify and improve how they actively manage inventory levels, track specific usage, keep areas optimally stocked, and quickly remove any recalled or expired items.

Successful patient care requires that the right supplies are delivered and available at the right time. Maintaining and distributing medical inventory can take up a large portion of medical staff and technician's time. It is important for all staff, regardless of scheduling and shifts, to access, supervise, and perform medical inventory orders. This can assure proper inventory levels, access, and tracking so your professionals can concentrate on patient care.

WAVE is fully capable of tracking your inventory with all of its relevant information, including lot numbers, batch number, manufacturing dates, and expiration dates. WAVE also eliminates manual data entry, paper files, and forms by automating records and other documents that determine how and where medical inventory is received, stored, and used. This creates better control of medical inventory and the policies and procedures that are related to managing your inventory levels. Data can be archived and easily accessed for extended lengths of time so that the information is maintained without slowing down your system with years of data.

Retail Distribution

In the retail distribution business, there are challenges that must be met in providing the proper distribution of product to your stores. WAVE was designed to meet all of the needs of your retail operation without resorting to work-arounds.

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